Terence Borgioli Biography

Known for his innate style and obsession for luxury, bespoke designer Terence Borgioli is a sartorial master and authority on all things etiquette. A recipient of a 2015 Top 100 Influential Award and winner in the Anthill 30under30 for young entrepreneurs, this businessman knows that it is better to be without one’s head than to be without style.

It was a serendipitous series of events that brought Terence to this point in life. Despite a London birth his youth was spent in Western Australia under the tutelage of a cosmopolitan mother and polymathic father well-versed in colonial elegance, and saw him enter a career in marketing and brand management.

At twenty three years of age a baptism into the British way of doing business enthralled Terence with the prospects of what he could achieve by daring to follow his dream. Exposed daily to the luxury market, he knew that his desire could only be sated by a complete immersion into the world of luxury menswear. By twenty four he had travelled back to the UK, France and Italy to begin working on the launch of his own brand, and within two years his dream had an official launch party.

Now, just two years on, his work speaks for itself. In an industry governed by conformity where mediocrity flourishes, Terence has created a label that brings true inimitable style, elegance and uncompromising luxury to the savants who seek it. Each commissioned BORGIOLI is born from the utmost of care and attention to detail, all to ensure that each client looks and feels beyond their expectations and, regardless of age, looks and feels the best they ever have.

For Terence’s biggest passion, beyond the delivery of a beautiful masterpiece, is knowing how each client feels when facing the day wearing Borgioli. Despite being a man very much in the rag trade, he doesn’t just deal in cloth and stitch, but rather in the confidence bestowed by perfectly cut couture.

Behind it all is a man very much in touch with reality. True to his British upbringing Terence is a trap and skeet shooting champion and just at home with a fine shotgun in hand as a measuring tape. And despite his demanding schedule, the humble designer takes time to volunteer and give back to the community, styling and mastering ceremonies where he can.

Terence is a dreamer and a romantic who loves fiercely, takes care of his own and values integrity and honesty above all else. Love is the twine that binds his story together: love for his family, his partner and his friends, spurring him to elevate the lives of others. He will be remembered as a man who made others laugh with his risible antics, loved until his last breath and gave his life to the inspiring pursuit of style.